Heat pump outdoor unit

Most efficient cooling & heating system out there

Ductless mini-split heat pumps are ductless and hence do not require any preexisting ducts or new duct work saving you a lot of dollars. What's more, for every 1 unit of input energy, a mini-split heat pump can provide your home 2.5-4 units of cooling or heating energy (how?); and you get cooling and heating in one solution. They work with electricity and hence are much lower in carbon emissions and pollution than fossil fuel alternatives.

Need cooling or heating in specific rooms?

For basements, dens, additions, attics or any other specific rooms that need heating and cooling, a ductless mini-split heat pump can be the most efficient and cost effective solution.

Did you know you can get 30% (up to $2,000) in tax credits? We will make sure your install qualifies and that you have the right documentation.

Looking for a

Ductless mini-splits can heat and cool your whole home! They are the perfect solution if you have very old ducts or do not have ducts at all. You can keep your existing system as a back-up or you can decommission it.

Did you know that you can get rebates of up to $5,000* from PSEG by switching from your existing fossil fuel system to a heat pump system?
*Up to $11,000 for Income Eligible Customers.
Join millions of Americans cooling and heating their homes with a ductless mini-split heat pump. You can qualify for a tax credit up to $2,000 and other rebates.

Currently, we are serving Suffolk County and Nassau County, NY (excluding Easthampton)

As ductless mini-split experts, we guarantee quality and price

We start with a quick and effective assessment of your space's heating and cooling needs
We use best-in-class technology to determine the right solution for your space, then explain our proposal to you in clear, non-technical language.

We only install brands that set the global standard in quality. We keep the costs down by being efficient.

We offer
"Price Matching Guarantee"
on matching systems.
We follow a carefully designed, proven install process and guarantee a high quality, high performance result

We provide a
"2 year Bumper-to-Bumper Labor and Parts Warranty"
in addition to the manufacturer's 10 year warranty for the equipment
We ensure that you get the warranty, tax credits and incentives you deserve, as well as the promised system performance

‍We offer
6 months of performance monitoring for free

What do our customers say about us?

"Jon and Deran did an amazing job with my pool house and now I have full heating and cooling there. They are real experts and don't stop until they complete the job to their standards."

Sarper T.
"Jon guided us through our journey to fully electrify our home. We have gone from all gas HVAC systems to a home run completely on renewable electricity! I can't recommend Jon highly enough!"

Susan N.
"The assessment was incredibly thorough and efficient. I received a very user friendly proposal, explaining the scope of the project, the steps that would be involved and the process from beginning to end. The price was extremely competitive and it was explained in a way that helped me understand where the specific costs were coming from. I have never worked with a more professional, transparent and user friendly company in the home construction/ improvement field. I would highly recommend them."

Natalie W.

Proudly serving Suffolk County and Nassau County , NY
(excluding Easthampton)  

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